2014 Racing Dates Request Delayed Again

Following weekend-long negotiations, there was once again no agreement  reached between the VAHBPA and Colonial, despite hope that a decision would be reached. Both sides have been ordered to be back in front of the Commission on Thursday May 22.

Although the two groups did not have a signed agreement ready for Commission approval, it was reported that they were very close after working through the weekend on a deal. Chairman Sarge Reynolds took opening statements from both groups and then recessed the meeting until 1:00 to give the two sides time to hammer out the details. When the meeting resumed there was no signed contract. Colonial’s counsel Jim Weinberg characterized it as ” a very productive meeting,” but told the Commission there were still issues to address. VAHBPA’s Frank Petramalo told commission members that he felt the two sides were further apart than they were before the Commission meeting began. He also asked that Thursday’s meeting be the drop-dead date. He further asked that if there was no contract resolution by Thursday that the Commission enforce its previous order and require Colonial to run a 5 week/25 day meet.

Chairman Reynolds asked both sides to put on paper the key issues preventing conciliation and to submit those to Commission Executive Director Bernie Hettel in hopes that the Commission can better understand the roadblocks to progress. Both sides agreed to do so and reassured the Commission that they would continue meet and work to bring a contract to Thursday’s meeting.

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