According to our records, 552 Va-breds ran during the Colonial Downs’ meet as opposed to 613 last year. This year’s met was five days shorter. When comparing “apples to apples” through 40 days of 2008, 503 Virginia-breds ran during the same time period.

This year the 100% winner’s bonus paid out $447,270 to 62 winners. Without the $10,000 per race cap, the Fund would have paid out $497,370. The average award was $7,214. Had we not had the cap, the average would have been $8,020.

Last year there were 73 winners – remember there were 5 more days of racing – who won 100% bonuses equaling $704,390 or $9.649 avg. The 40 day number for 2008 was $604,925 in bonuses won for 63 winners – an average of $9,601.

In 2008, the 100% Bonus Program payable to sixth, the stakes purses and restricted race purses depleted the Fund, so this year we estimated that $500,000 would cover the bonus program which would leave us money for year end awards.

As bad as our estimate was last year, this year’s was extremely accurate.

Remember, these are early numbers and various adjustments could change them before they are finalized. For example, there is an appeal pending that could impact one $10,000 bonus, etc…