According to our first draft of the numbers (and the VRC’s and Colonial Downs’ may be slightly different), over the first 15 racing days in 2009, the Breeders Fund has awarded $192,462 in 100% Bonuses.

Last year for the first 15 days we awarded $192,948…However, when you do an apples to apples comparison utilizing the $10,000 cap, the number for 2008 drops down to $161,488.

This year, if we did not have the $10,000 cap in place we would have awarded a total of $223,242 in the first 15 days of a 40 day meet.

We only have $500,000 for the entire meet. That works out to $62,500 for every five day “race week.” So, we have budgeted $187,500 for the first 15 days, and paid out $192,462 so we are $4,962 ahead of the budget.

On Colonial Turf Cup day four Virginia-breds won earning $40,000 in 100% Bonuses.

The bottom line remains the same: The concept works, we just need more funding which simply means we need to generate more total handle.